Getting Started

If this inquiry interests you, I invite you to join me in exploring how Pranayama breathing can be of service to you, your group and your organization.

I recommend approaching this experiment with a sense of curiosity. In short term practice (weeks and months) there can be noticeable and desirable impressions. Such impressions tend to be temporary and fleeting. It takes at least a year or two to start to experience and appreciate the potential qualities embedded in this practice.

I invite you to experience this practice directly. Your personal experience will help you assess if and how you wish to take this to your organizational contexts. This will include up to 4 short guided video sessions (20-30 minutes each) and 4 additional email reviews over a period of 6-12 months. Together, we will be attentive both to your personal experience within the practice and to the question of if and how this practice can be valuable to your group, team or organization.

I offer this in a spirit of Gift. I ask for no advance payment. I invite you to hold onto reciprocation until a time comes that you feel that the experience and the emerging practice is of value to you and a wish to give arises in you.

I do ask that in accepting this invitation you also accept entering into a soft partnership with me in exploring how your personal practice can become relevant in your organizational spheres of activity.